Family Centers for Addictions

About Mississippi Family Centers for Addictions

As a small, private, alcohol and drug rehab program means a great deal to us and our staff. We value the personal and individual-focused setting we have created. At Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, you’re treated with compassion from the first moment you walk in the door. Our program is specifically designed to promote the growth of our patients through evidenced-based care while in a private, individualized, and comfortable treatment setting.

The team at Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is devoted to identifying and treating the primary and underlying issues related to addiction. As a result, we are healing and reconnecting the lives of families and friends, despite difficult circumstances brought on by addiction. Our main goal in treating you or your loved one is promoting your long-term health and happiness, while focusing on your immediate medical and clinical treatment needs.

What Makes Us Different

The treatment team for MSDATC are dedicated professionals with a shared interest in the human experience and the healing of broken lives, homes, and relationships. We are committed to improving the lives of individuals and their families.

  • Evidence-based care from highly-credentialed medical and clinical professionals
  • Smaller drug treatment, offering a more intimate treatment experience
  • Limited number of patients, allowing each individual the care they deserve
  • Trauma Therapy for those suffering from underlying causes or triggers of addiction.
  • Family Program and support services
  • Holistic drug treatment offerings to heal the mind, body and spirit.
  • Recreational activities and exercises, promoting general well-being for residential patients
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment for those with co-occurring disorders -i.e. addiction and anxiety, alcoholism and depression, etc.
  • Personalized treatment plan for every patient
  • 24 hour access to highly trained addiction professionals
  • Specialized after-care programs promoting high success rates

Our Clinical leadership team is comprised of highly-credentialed professionals that are dedicated to providing individuals with the highest standard of addiction care.

What We Do

We grow every day in experience and continued research in the field of addiction studies as a treatment team. As addiction professionals, we strive for excellence and understanding. We pride ourselves on delivering the best care and treatments for individuals and families hoping to recover from addiction or alcoholism.

Why We Do It

Although disheartening at times, as a treatment team we here to address one of the biggest issues in modern healthcare. We empower our patients and the people who love them with the tools to find long-term, fulfilling recovery. Many of us are either in recovery ourselves or have been directly impacted by substance abuse. We are in this together. Let our family help yours.