Residential Treatment Program

Residential treatment is often referred to as inpatient rehab. It offers safe, stable inpatient care to begin your journey toward recovery. We provide structure and supervision while removing individuals with substance use disorders from toxic or unsupportive environments. This allows those in treatment to focus on their recovery in a space that’s monitored by medical and mental health professionals around the clock.

Individual Therapy

These individual sessions with an assigned therapist focus on identifying and improving dysfunctional patterns of thinking. These dysfunctional patterns often lead to unhealthy behaviors that are substituted in place of effective coping skills.

Group Therapy

Clients in group therapy come together to learn and practice coping strategies, enhance their social skills, and construct a support network. Generally, a group consists of 6 to 12 members with one or two therapists present during the sessions.


Common Questions About Family Centers for Addictions

Our residential program typically lasts 90 days and can be followed up with outpatient care.
During the course of treatment, participants can expect to work closely with our clinical and medical team to create an individualized treatment plan. This plan will serve as a roadmap specific to addressing strengths and weaknesses in each individual client. These issues will be addressed through individual and group therapy as well as experiential exercises for alternative methods of emotional expression. Treatment plans can often change and evolve as participants begin to explore past traumas or identify patterns of behaviors and thoughts. Our clinical will always update the treatment plan to reflect the most up to date concerns for our clients.

A typical day a Mississippi Drug and Alcohol treatment center includes time for morning hygiene routine followed by a breakfast buffet in our cozy kitchen. The rest of our day is filled with therapy and wellness activities broken up by afternoon lunch which is prepared by our in-house chef. After the final group participants will enjoy a break before the chef announces dinner. At the conclusion of dinner, participants may attend a nighttime meeting or activity predetermined by clinical staff.

We are licensed by The Mississippi Department of Mental Health. Periodically, we undergo routine audits from DMH that ensure we are treating patients above and beyond addiction treatment best-practices.

We also hold The Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission. JCAHO routinely updates their accreditation requirements to ensure that substance abuse facilities are operating at industry-standards.

The admissions process can take as little as one hour. Once you call and speak with an Admissions Coordinator and share some information with us, we can begin the process. This includes verifying your health insurance, arranging travel, and conducting a clinical assessment.